“My ultimate goal is to create an environment, (educational, challenging, supportive, motivational) that allows you to grow as an athlete and achieve your goals. I want you to know, not only what to do each session, but why you are doing it, and how it will make you a better athlete. Above all I want to empower you to be able to make smart training decisions so you can adapt to the demands of life, and racing, as they present"

Coaching is about the person, not the plan. While there are many off the shelf or internet based training plans available, they fail to recognise the first principle of coaching is individualisation. It is impossible for one plan to fit all. Nothing can provide the coach with an understanding of you and your goals better than face to face meetings.

Finish Line Fitness programs focus on developing you. Not only do we guide your training but we also guide your development as a person. Helping you to overcome barriers, enjoy your successes, manage your time, and deal with challenging situations,

Finish Line Fitness offers ongoing training programs designed with your experience level, personal goals, and daily time constraints in mind. Regardless of what level you are competing at now, if you are committed to getting to the next level, we can help you get there.

Finish Line Fitness consultants have coached a wide variety of athletes from first-timers, to high performers. We have also coached athletes with young families, challenging schedules and conflicting time demands. Since we write programs one at a time we can adjust and compensate for these special needs, making changes quickly. We also recognise that situations change and as such can adapt programs should changes in circumstance occur.

We have adopted a policy where we do not pedal or push products, or have alliances that limit your chance to grow as an person. You wont see our home page littered with sponsors. There is no one product, bike, shoe brand that works for everyone. Our goal is to make sure you find the one that is best for you.