Initial consult

All programs start with a 90 minute initial consult. The initial consult is critical to defining who you are as a person and athlete. To meet the requirements of Sports Medicine Australia pre-exercise screening system we undertake a review of your health status. Should the test identify a risk, you will be referred to your doctor for clearance. 

Once we know who you are we can explore your sporting goals

  • the basic sport science behind your event i.e. what are the fitness and execution demands
  • the performance tests and stepping stones that will be required to chart your progress
  • the challenges we may have to consider on the journey

Then we can develop an overview of your training leading up to your major event/s, before finally mapping out the short term plans.

You will receive a comprehensive training program detailing a day by day plan for your training and detailed descriptions of exercises.

You will be provided with the Finish Line Fitness training diary, which not only analyses how long you have trained built also measures the training load involved. It also includes a system for measuring your adaption to the training load

You are welcome to pose as many questions via phone or mail once you receive your program.

Follow-up consultations:

While the opportunity is there to ask questions and review progress after any session, every four weeks it is vital to conduct a major review or training. So much can happen in four weeks that a comprehensive review is required. A 60minute consultation is used to assess changes and explore aspects of your sport or another element of sport science i.e. diet, equipment, run or swim technique, bike set up, pacing, injury management, stretching, skill development, psychological skills and race tactics. The aim is to develop you as a person and athlete, rather than simply setting you sessions to follow.

Should it be difficult for you to attend a monthly catch up, then correspondence via email, Skype or telephone can be arranged.

Skill development coaching: 

Small group-based swim school is available monthly during winter and at selected times during the triathlon season  

One-on-one technique analysis sessions are available on request for swim, bike and run

Open water swimming skills are available throughout summer.