Frequently asked questions

Q - What is the first step to enquiring about a specific training Program? 

A - Simply email or telephone Nigel Pietsch. Once he knows what it is you are after he can then discuss the best plan of attack. 

Q – Who would benefit? 

A - Basically anyone with an interest in improving their health and fitness, who is short on time, or who needs expert guidance and support, regardless of the level, would benefit. 

Q - Do you specialise in any one sport? 

A – While triathlon and running are Nigel’s first loves and the areas of foremost expertise, he has an extensive sporting background playing a number of sports at a competitive level and can apply the principles of sport science to any sport. 

Q - What level of athletes do you work with? 

A - From beginner to elite, from children through to grandparents 

Q - Are the programs structured to the needs of the individual? 

A - Yes, meeting the individual needs of the athlete and their specifics is the corner stone of the program. All programs are periodised to have you peaking for your key competition or competition period. 

Q - Is it necessary to train with Finish Line Fitness squads? 

A – While it is a great way to get some feedback on form and to feed off the enthusiasm of others, FLF programs are incorporated into any environment including current training groups you may have i.e. club training or swim squads. They can all be adapted to suit your needs

Q - What are your coaching fees 

A – Fees vary depending on your service but range from $100 per month for long term (over 6months) coaching, to $125 per program for individuals after a short term (<6months) program? There are no lock in contracts however and we pretty much operate on a trust basis. Squad fees are in the range of $2 to $5 per session. 2 hour swim technique and video sessions (6-8 participants) $50. Individual one on one coaching typically $80 per hour 

Q - How do you keep tabs on athletes on the programs? 

A – The Finish Line Fitness training log is designed to measure what training you have completed and how your body is adapting. 4 weekly catch up sessions are used to monitor progress. Athletes can contact FLF fitness via email or telephone as often as they like to discuss training. 

Q - What about pre and post race support 

A – A comprehensive race day plan is developed throughout your program. Following significant races we undertake a race review to identify areas for improvement. 

Q - Do you provide information on various areas of training e.g. using heart rate/power monitors, choosing a bike or performance nutrition? 

A – Training is about physical, mental, tactical and skill development. Our aim is to provide you with continuous improvement by challenging all avenues. If there is an element of fitness or training that we are not up to speed with we will research the topic for you so you have the latest and best information available. 

Q - Is it necessary to be on a training program all year round? 

A - No, it is recommended that you have some down time at the end of each season participating in activities other than triathlon or your chosen sport to refresh the mind and body. Everyone is different and so are their goals and experiences so the time off will vary.